Ice Dam Contracting Services

The Ice Dam Company is in fact the only ice dam removal and prevention business in the entire country that can address all aspects of your ice dam issue.  While other companies claim to provide such services, The Ice Dam Company is the only operation that directly employs its own carpenters, laborers, roofers and design staff.  Well, sort of.  You see, we are a division of Kuhl Design+Build and a sister company of Kuhl’s Contracting, two businesses that have been around for over twenty years.

General Construction and Repair

Our close relationship with the award winning design/build remodeling firm, Kuhl Design & Build, gives us the unique ability to respond to all of your home repair and construction needs.  We are the only ice dam company in the US that has direct access to high caliber, in-house design and construction talent.  When we say we are capable of fixing your roof or insulation, we are not saying we are capable of hiring out subcontractors but that we possess the people on staff for that work.  The resulting efficiencies save you time and money while limiting all responsibility for the work to a single point.

Insulation and Ice Dam Prevention in the Twin Cities

Ice dam prevention is first and foremost about managing the movement of heat as it finds its way from the inside to the outside of your home, usually through your attic.  And yet how to prevent ice dams is a tricky business because there are many variables involved.  Ice Dam Company technicians use our general knowledge in construction in conjunction with site inspections and thermal imaging to develop a plan for each home.  Ice dam inspections and ice dam prevention are usually addressed through three avenues: insulation, ventilation and air-sealing.  We will discuss the specifics relating to ice dams and insulation in a coming article.

Roofing and Gutter Work

The Ice Dam Company was borne out of the roofing division of Kuhl’s Contracting in 1991.  As a result, roofing is not merely something we can do, but something we make a living at every day.  While most ice dam removal companies keep their people busy by landscaping or painting during the summer, our people are installing and repairing roofs and have been for over twenty years.  When it comes to ice dam prevention, roofing and gutters are not the place to start they are the place to finish.  The first suggestion we have for ice dam prevention in Minneapolis is to address heat loss and ventilation.

Ice Dam Removal, Ice Dam Prevention

Removing Ice Dams in Minnesota: We Serve Many Areas in the Minneapolis Metro

The Ice Dam company based out of Hopkins, Minnesota, about 5 miles west of Minneapolis. We've done gutter ice removal, roof ice removal and ice dam removal all over the Twin Cities, on new houses and old ones.

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