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For 25+ years we have been trusted by clients to work on their homes around the greater Twin Cities area. Because virtually all of our work comes through word of mouth, our reputation is everything. Our Minneapolis ice dam removal services can provide a peace of mind by removing ice dams and the potential for serious damage on your home. Should the ice dam removal process uncover damage, we have the know-how and experience to resolve any issue relating to problematic Minneapolis ice dam removal. Our close affiliation with Kuhl’s Contracting means that we have access to the people who can assess the damage and, more importantly, advise you on what can be done so you’re not up on your roof again next winter doing gutter ice removal. If you need new skylights, new insulation, a new roof, or the architecture of your roof system redesigned, Kuhl’s Contracting can do it.

Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Removal

Removing ice dams properly requires the right tools and the right knowledge. We only use steam for ice dam removal (roof ice and gutter ice removal). Any other approach is too risky because roofs are easily damaged in frigid temperatures. Ice dam removal using a hammer or other impact-based instruments can result in costly damage. Gutter ice removal or roof ice removal using a power washer can also do significant damage. The safest technique for removing ice on your roof or performing gutter ice removal is using a steamer. The Ice dam company has over 20 years of ice dam removal experience. Trust your home to the foremost ice dam expert in Minnesota.

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Ice Dam Prevention

Ice Dam Prevention

It goes without saying, the best defense against ice dams is preventing ice dams from ever forming. The Ice Dam Company performs a host of services in tandem with our parent company Kuhl’s Contracting to aid in the prevention of ice dams on your roof and other areas of your home. These services, once conducted will not only help prevent future ice dams but will aid in the overall efficiency and performance of your home.

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Roof Snow Removal

Roof Snow Removal

If your house suffers from recurring ice dams and you need a short term solution you need to get the snow off of your roof. Roof snow removal can be a dangerous job and if it’s not done correctly ice dams can come back even worse and in ways that could potentially do even more damage. Moreover, an inexperienced roof shoveler can also cause a lot of damage to the roof system itself.  Instead of putting yourself or your roof at risk let the ice dam pros handle it.

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Heat Cable Installation

Heat Cable Installation

Sometimes homes have ice dam issues that are very difficult to rectify through traditional methods. It’s times like this when heat cables can play a vital role in keeping ice dams from damaging your home by melting channels in the dams to convey water away from your roof. The Ice Dam Company has installed thousands of feet of heat cable and the coming years are sure to see many more. If heating cables are what you need we’ll let you know and we’ll install them right.

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Ice Dam Inspection

Home Performance Inspections

Don’t let those pesky ice dams continually come back and threaten the well being of your home (and your peace of mind). Find out what’s causing them so you can make an informed decision on what you need to do to fix the problem. We use state-of-the-art tools, a wealth of ice dam knowledge and our experience in home performance (insulation, ventilation, roofing, etc.) to diagnose what’s causing your ice dams. We have a MN state certified energy auditor on staff, and if you fix the problems with your home, you’d most likely be eligible for an energy rebate from your utility company.

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Ice Dam Heat Cable ShopIce Dam Heat Cable Products

When you’ve installed as much heat cable as we have over the years, you start to get a sense for the cable that works the best, lasts the longest and reduces the ongoing cost-burden for customer who needs to protect their home from damage caused by ice dams. Now, we sell that cable. Our Ice Dam Heat Cable Shop has plug-in and custom length heat cable, installation accessories, and controls and thermostats.

The best heat cable products, backed by the most experience in ice dams.

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