Residential Ice Dam Services

For twenty plus years we have been trusted by clients to work on their homes around the greater Twin Cities area. Because virtually all of our work comes through word of mouth, our reputation is everything. Our Minneapolis ice dam removal services can provide a peace of mind by removing ice dams and the potential for serious damage on your home. Should the ice dam removal process uncover damage, we have the know-how and experience to resolve any issue relating to problematic Minneapolis ice dam removal. Our close affiliation with Kuhl Design + Build means that we have access to the people who can assess the damage and, more importantly, advise you on what can be done so you’re not up on your roof next winter doing gutter ice removal. If you need new skylights, new insulation, a new roof, or the architecture of your roof system redesigned, Kuhl Design + Build can do it.

Snow Removal

Roof Snow Shoveling - Ice DamWe shovel roofs by hand from the ground, from ladders and from the roof itself depending on the demands of the job. We ask you how much of the roof you would like shoveled before work begins. This is based on what you would like to spend and how much of the roof actually needs shoveling. We respect that everyone has a budget these days.

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Ice Dam Removal

Gutter Ice Removal

Roof ice & gutter ice removal using steam

We only use steam for ice dam removal (roof ice and gutter ice removal). Any other approach is too risky because roofs are easily damaged in frigid temperatures.  Ice dam removal using a hammer or other impact-based instruments can result in costly damage. Gutter ice removal or roof ice removal using a power washer can also do significant damage.

The safest technique for removing ice on your roof, or performing gutter ice removal is using a steamer.

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Ice Dam Prevention

If you are interested in never hiring us to remove ice dams from your home again, you may want to address the root causes of your ice dams.  Ice dam prevention work involves the coordination of some or all of the following trade professionals: Carpenters, roofers, insulators, home inspectors, plumbers and electricians.

Here are a few of the services we offer towards the prevention of ice dams:

  • Inspections: The key to any long term solution to ice dams is a thorough analysis and a expert plan for resolution.  We work with only two inspectors in town: Reuben Saltzman, of Structure Tech (, and Roger Hankey, of Hankey & Brown (  We partner with these companies to analyze your home through a variety of inspection methods to determine why ice dams are happening.  We use thermal imaging cameras, blower door tests and hard-earned expertise to evaluate the basics such as how heat and air move through your home.  Step one in ice dam prevention: Expert Inspection.
  • Ice Dam Solutions: Once we know why your home is troubled with ice dams we recommend one or more specific solutions with itemized costs in a written proposal.  This often involves components such as air gap sealing, insulation and ventilation. We also frequently modify roof systems by altering the quantity, type and location of the ventilation. We are the only company in the United States that offers all of these services under one roof, with a single point of accountability and an in-house architect to ensure proper execution.
  • Heat Cable: We install heat cable, heated mesh and heated pans to manage ice that just keeps coming back.  We work with our electricians, gutter contractors and roofers to see that it all happens correctly.  We only use Raychem heat cables as they are the most reliable and highest quality cable on the market.  When ice dam prevention is not feasible, sometimes heat cable is the only answer.

Restraint Systems

For Snow and Ice

If you have ever seen a gutter damaged or ripped off a house, or a dangerous accumulation of snow or ice above a walkway, you probably understand the wisdom behind snow and ice restraint systems. Put simply, they are devices installed on roofs to minimize the damage caused by falling ice and snow.

Snow and ice restraint systems are a great idea for homes with high eaves above doors, decks, expensive landscaping, driveways or anywhere else that an avalanche is likely to cause damage to persons or property. These systems can be installed on virtually any type of roof including metal, cedar, asphalt, slate or tile.

Ice Dam Removal, Ice Dam Prevention

Removing Ice Dams in Minnesota: We Serve Many Areas in the Minneapolis Metro

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