Roof Snow Removal

Keep away the snow, and you keep away the ice.

Professional Roof Snow RemovalThere are two common methods for removing snow from roofs, raking and shoveling.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  No matter what the method used, the most important thing is to make certain you remove the snow from the ridge down to the eave and not just the bottom few feet.  In the 2010-11 ice dam season we visited dozens of homes that had two things in common: 1) they had killer ice dams, and, 2) A well-intentions soul had only cleared the lower portions of snow from the roof sometime in the proceeding weeks.

Shoveling your roof

At first glance, the business of removing snow and ice from roofs appears to be very simple.  Buy shovel and ladder, check. Shovel the roof, check.  Done.  But many homeowners learned tough lessons last winter by applying this logic.  From injuries to fires to damaged roofs and broken windows, hiring the wrong company can be expensive and frustrating.

Roof shoveling procedures

Our crews are made up of professional, year-round roofers.  Our own roofers.  Our typical shoveling crew consists of two people working from both ladders and rope and harness rigs.  We work from high areas to low areas.  We shovel aside snow that lands on walkways, driveways and steps. Our business is based on long-term client relationships, not burning through a bunch of jobs.  You can always expect our people to be polite, professional and hardworking.

Contract roof shoveling

Shoveling Snow off RoofWe will develop a snow and ice management plan that is tailored to your property.  Every roof is different in as far as its tolerance for snow loads.  Some can handle great volumes of snow, while others experience structural or ice-related problems after only a couple inches.  Our goal is to only do as much shoveling as it takes to keep your home trouble-free during the winter.  and allocate resources more efficiently.  For this reason, Seasonal Snow Removal Contracts may be a good fit for you.  When it snows a defined amount (called a ‘triggering amount’) your roof will be shoveled, period. Once the contract is signed it is our responsibility to monitor your roof and remove snow as needed according to the terms of our contract.  We will remove the snow from your roof no matter how often the triggering amount is met.

Ice Dam Removal, Ice Dam Prevention

Removing Ice Dams in Minnesota: We Serve Many Areas in the Minneapolis Metro

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