Chicago Area Ice Dam Removal

The 2021 polar vortex has created conditions in the greater Chicago area that are primed for the formation of ice dams.

If your home is presenting some of the hallmark symptoms of forming Ice Dams it may be important for you to take action to mitigate further damage to your home:

  • Ice Build-up on the eaves of your Roof, forming and Ice Dam on Roofs edge
  • Ice-filled Gutters, forming an Ice Dam on Gutters
  • Water leaking through ceiling corner, inside walls or around windows

You Can learn more about ice dams, how the form, what damage they can do and what you should do about them here.

If you home has been affected resulting in Ice dams and / or roof ice or Gutter ice, let us know. We can safely remove Ice Dams and Roof ice before they cause bigger problems to your home.

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Ice Dam Removal, Ice Dam Prevention

Removing Ice Dams in Minnesota: We Serve Many Areas in the Minneapolis Metro

The Ice Dam company based out of Hopkins, Minnesota, about 5 miles west of Minneapolis. We've done gutter ice removal, roof ice removal and ice dam removal all over the Twin Cities, on new houses and old ones.

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