Ice Dam Thermal Behavior
  1. Good Photos Help Troubleshoot

    When we work with clients in trying to figure out why they are getting ice dams, a photo like this can save a lot of time. You can see how heat is behaving as it escapes this home.

  2. Itty Bitty Soffits

    Tiny soffit with no ventilation.

  3. Heating the Neighborhood

    The lines in the snow melt correspond with the rafters in the roof system. Cool. I mean, from a geeky builder perspective.

  4. Skylights & Ice Dams

    Installing a skylight this low on a roof is risky business. You'd better flash the hell out of it or big water damage is in your future.

  5. Hot Spot

    Not a surprise it's above a skylight. Skylights are frequently associated with ice dams because they are seldom insulated properly. Our advice; use sprayed urethane at R-7 per inch–it can't be beat.