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Where to buy ice dam steamer

I have been asked many, many times where we buy our equipment. A lot of people in my position would be nervous to reveal our key vendors, after all, providing such info might help our competition, right? I’m not hung up on helping others get into the business of ice dam removal. There is usually enough business to go around and, quite frankly, buying a steamer is just the first step. That said, it’s an important first step and to all who have asked me over the years, here is my answer. I buy our ice dam steaming equipment at American Pressure in Robinsdale, Minnesota. Click here to visit their site.

Here is another piece of advice I offer all who call. Buy more than one unit. It’s true, you will spend $4000-$5000 for a quality unit. But if there is an ice dam season, such an investment will pay for itself in a matter of days. Equipment redundancy is essential when you have clients calling because things can and do go wrong with ice dam steaming equipment. More often than not it is related to user error. For example, if even a single drop of water or small spec of ice gets into the fuel tank while refueling during a job, the machine will often shut down. User error. Or, if the ice dam steamer is using a water supply that is high in mineral content, those minerals will build up in the steel burner coil and in the high temp hoses, eventually shutting the machine down. Depending on the water supply and the number of hours the machine is running, it can take as little as a few days for this process to occur. The fix is simple (use powdered acid to ‘descale’ the machine and hoses). Nevertheless, it takes the machine out of circulation and when things are busy, it’s a huge bummer to not be steaming ice. I therefore always suggest buying more than one unit. I have yet to here of someone who regrets that decision.

I get calls from people all over the country and from Canada asking where to buy ice dam steaming equipment. American Pressure is my answer. Not only because they know their stuff but because they are truly good people at heart.

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