Repairing the Ice Dam Damage

You’ve had your ice dam removed. You’ve gotten the snow off your roof. You’ve had your leak diagnosed and repaired. Now it’s time to fix the damage in the wake of your ice dam problem.

Soggy drywall? Saggy ceiling? Warped hardwood floor? Wet insulation?

You’re in luck: because the Ice Dam Company is part of a larger family of companies that understands general contracting & remodeling.

Insurance Claims Support and Advocacy

When your insurance company comes to your home to inspect the damage caused by your ice dam problem, make sure you have an expert who can supply you with the information and knowledge to be informed about your claim and what it will take for repairs. Our partner company Kuhl’s Contracting has expertise dealing with insurance adjusters, and projects that are the result of an insurance claim.

Read More about Insurance work at the Kuhl’s Contracting Website

Typical Type of Damage that Results from Ice dams

  • Drywall Damage

  • Ceiling Damage

  • Floor Damage

  • Gutter Damage

Ice Dam Removal, Ice Dam Prevention

Removing Ice Dams in Minnesota: We Serve Many Areas in the Minneapolis Metro

The Ice Dam company based out of Hopkins, Minnesota, about 5 miles west of Minneapolis. We've done gutter ice removal, roof ice removal and ice dam removal all over the Twin Cities, on new houses and old ones.

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