Reuben Talks Ice Dams (again)

Our favorite home inspector (and friend) Reuben Saltzman of Structure Tech has a lot of experience with Ice Dams. He’s been testing methods for avoiding major ice dam problems for years and he recently updated his main Ice Dam post with additional information and a near-30-minute video full of info about ice dams.

He even gives The Ice Dam Company a couple shout outs, using some of our info we’ve compiled with our own 30 Years of experience dealing with ice dam removal and prevention.

Check Here for the Original Article & Video About Ice Dams

Reuben talks at length about the main causes of ice dams and also talks about the best way to deal with ice dams that you already have: removal with steam. Removing Ice Dams with true Steam is a topic near and dear to our heart. There are a few companies out there who falsely claim the are using steam, but use high-temperature Pressure Washers instead.

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Removing Ice Dams in Minnesota: We Serve Many Areas in the Minneapolis Metro

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