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Heat Tape PRO XL – The Answer to the Outlet Problem

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

When we install Heat Tape on a clients home, often times we hard-wire the cable directly into their circuit. Sometimes, however, we choose to use our Heat Tape Manufacturer’s (Radiant Solutions) plug-in-ready HeatTape PRO.

One problem that come up often is that there isn’t an outlet near the location on the home where the Heat Tape will terminate. Even though Radiant Solutions Heat Tape has a 48″ cold lead –longer then most company’s 36″ cold lead– many times this is not enough to reach, and we end up working with a licensed electrician to have an outlet installed under the eave that we can plug the Heat Tape into. (The manufacturer doesn’t recommend extension cords, and can’t honor the warranty if one is used.)

Just recently Radiant Solutions released a new product that addresses this very problem. It’s called Heat Tape PRO XL. Heat Tape Pro XL features a 50-foot cold lead, that is designed to reach far away outlets. This solution can save the homeowner a significant amount over hiring an electrician. The result is happy customers.

We are planning to sell Heat Tape Pro XL on this site, but until we do, you can get it at Radiant Solutions Website.

Heat Tape Pro Self-Regulating Heat Cable

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Roof deicing cable

HeatTapePro is a premium brand of commercial-grade, self-regulating heat cable. We are strategic partners with the Radiant Solutions Company, the direct manufacture of HeatTapePro and all related installation accessories.

Ice dam roof deicing cable installation information

HeatTapePro self-regulating heat cable

HeatTapePro self-regulating heat cables are designed to be used for a variety of roof de-icing, gutter de-icing and pipe freeze applications. Self-regulating heat cable automatically calls for more energy when ambient outdoor temperatures are lower and conversely, less energy when outdoor temperatures are higher. HeatTapePro is pre-terminated in our factory for your safety and convenience. No field modifications will be necessary to the cable to use it for the described purposes.

You can purchase HeatTapePro through our store here or at The Heat Cable Store, , Ebay or Amazon.

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